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Push-Up Challenge

Each September, we challenge each other to do push ups each day  of the month. Our why is simple. Jake. We fight and push every single day in his memory to bring awareness to childhood cancer so that we can do everything in our power to help others. And we couldn’t do it without you! See push up challenge videos in the link below.

See more here:

Facebook: Push-Up Challenges

Beef and Beer

We just want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came to the RFD Beef and Beer!! It was a very successful return to events and it was SO GOOD to see your faces again!! Also a huge thank you to all of our sponsors, supporters, donors, and vendors.

Annual Dragon Run for Courage

Jake participated in the Stratford Friends 5k every year. This sparked the idea to start an annual Dragon Run for Courage race. 

Pjammin for Kids 

with Cancer

In September the ACCO launched their #PJammin Selfie Challenge! People post a picture of themselves in their pajamas with the above hashtags to show support for children with cancer! This social media campaign is to elevate public awareness about childhood cancer so we can help our littlest warriors fight and win their battle against childhood cancer… because kids can’t fight cancer alone!

Annual Stride Spin-a-Thon

Stride has sponsored and organized our annual Spin a Thon in memory of Jake’s birthday. So many people who had never tried it before came to the spin a Thon and fell in love with the energy these ladies infect you with! So glad to see all of our friends finding a new normal and coming back strong

Giving Tuesday

#givingtuesday is an event that helps give to children who are sick. By donating, both you and a child would get a gift. The best part is that all of these proceeds also went toward Jake’s birthday campaign where every child on DuPont’s oncology floor received a stuffed dragon and an Amazon gift card.

Dragon Ball

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us at our 1st Annual Dragon Ball. With your support, we were able to raise over $20,000 for children fighting cancer. It was a fabulous night and we know Jake was looking over all of us saying, “oh. my. goodness.” 

Thank you to all who have supported us at these past events!

We are overwhelmed for the support that we have received for each of our events. It only strengthens our resolve to do more to find a cure for pediatric cancer!

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