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Jake’s Dragon Foundation a 501c (3) non-profit organization was borne out of profound loss. We know what it is like to live and die with pediatric cancer. Our mission is to fund pediatric cancer research as well as assist families financially in their time of need.
The research funds will focus on innovative pediatric cancer treatments, such as studies that assist research which links adolescent cancers with adult cancers. Jake was denied a chance to be involved in a research trial because there were no fits for him, because 96 % of cancer research funding is applied to adult forms.
In addition, financial assistance in terms of gift cards, and donations will be provided to families affected by pediatric cancer in the Greater Philadelphia area. Jake was a protector of the dragon- a noble creature. We will do this to allow a little bit of relief to families. We will do this to honor Jake.

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Star Act

Childhood Cancer Survivorship, Treatment, Access & Research (STAR) Act of 2017 was passed by the House of Representatives in order to advance pediatric cancer research and treatments as well as help pediatric cancer survivors.

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What we do


Awareness is the first step towards change. We lit up Philadelphia GOLD in September for support of Pediatric Cancer Awareness!


Locust Brewing Company

We hold numerous findraising events throughout the year that all have a similar theme- FUN. We want eveyone to enjoy themselves (and sometimes exert themselves), while raising funds to help fight pediatric cancer.

Research and Assistance

Research and Assistance

 Pediatric cancer research receives only 4% of the total government cancer research funding. Jake’s Dragon Foundation’s mission is to partner with researchers focused on finding innovative treatments for pediatric cancers and provide financial assistance via gift cards to families affected by this disease.

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